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Attendance @ Jump digital marketing event

I had the pleasure of attending the Jump digital marketing event in London yesterday, as part of the E-Consultancy Festival of Marketing. Jump is all about creating a joined up consumer experience. Talks ranged from user experience to psychology and its impact on digital marketing, a real mix of extremely interesting and thought provoking topics.

##Up close and personal, engaging your target audience anytime, anywhere Expedia

##More channels, more opportunities, delivering personalised service in a digital world American Express

##How to improve conversion Redeye

##Using social media to engagement customers and maximise promotions Yo Sushi!

The above is a tiny account of the event, as Jump spanned the entire day (with the Festival of Marketing on all week). To wrap up, I thought I would include a video from the final psychology session, describing “social proof”.

You can find out more about Jump on the Festival of Marketing Website.