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Five highlights from chatting about culture and collaboration at ResponsiveOrg London

In the not so distant past I put together some thoughts on ResponsiveOrg, it’s purpose and the manifesto that underpins the movement.

The idea is that something isn’t quite right about the operating system of our organisations. There is a real opportunity to move towards clearer purpose and better collaboration.

I decided to pop along to learn more and chat with the community at Responsiveorg London. So, here are my five highlights.

1) The justification for change is clear (and visually appealing!)

As Matthew Partovi welcomed everyone, attendees were lucky enough to have sketch notes on tap visualising why this movement matters.

Great way to show a clear message and vision from <a href=“”>#responsiveorg</a> <a href=“”></a> @PinipaApp, April 27, 2015

2) Focus your efforts on the yellow dots

Engaging people who show no interest in discussing change can be tough. A controversial suggestion is to focus on the people who can be influenced, not the people who can’t.

If you focus your time and effort on people who are considered to be the yellow dots in your network - the hope is that they engage with red dots further down the line.

3) Transparency can be transformational

During the event there was a share by @karlwilding, from NCVO, about the opportunity for openness and transparency into board meetings.

There is a great quote tucked away in there:

“transparency can be transformational”

4) Encourage people to get together

I loved the idea of the instant camera photos and the opportunity for people to tell others their interests. It’s great for finding people who want to talk about similar things.

Food after the workshops; before the unconference - big discussions on what we’vve learned! <a href=“”></a> David Terrar (@DT) <ahref=“”</a> April 27, 2015

5) Don’t forgot individuals Spoilt for choice during the workshops, I opted for a more individual focused session titled “Responsive You”.

The workshop was based upon Very Clear Ideas by Charles Davies and involved asking a series of questions that would help you begin to explore your purpose in life.

I soon realised my responses were work centric, so when Tom proposed the final question as being our own to ask - I focused on this.

It provided an opportunity for people to think about their purpose, isolated from the opinion of others.

There is another write up that would be worth reading “Why we need the ResponsiveOrg movement by Silvia Cambie