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Google Databoard custom infographic creation

Whilst mulling over the available Google Webinar events that are available in the next few months - something stood out. A session devoted to Google Databoard is available, titled “Creating custom infographics with the new Google Databoard.

##What is Google Databoard? Based upon the description it becomes clear early on - a new tool that offers people the ability to build infographics, making use of Google data. The benefits for advertisers and marketers is easy clear; robust, trustworthy statistics in a digestible format. Google on the other hand gets good brand awareness and more justification as to the importance of Search and Display. They will no doubt let the statistics speak for themselves in this regard.

##What does it look like?

Our analyst Paul spotted that it is already live, however we are not sure if it is meant to be accessible. You can;

Find the main landing page and try it out here. Or, you can check out some example studies here for you to try here.

I would recommend you signup for the Google Webinar however.

Give it a look and let me know what you think.


This has now been announced in the most recent Google Webinar! Joy Hawkins posted a couple of shots from the demo, viewable on the Catalystemarketing forum.