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Session @ Marketing Society Digital Day 2015

Thursday saw the annual occurrence of Marketing Society Scotland’s Digital Day take place at Glasgow Drygate.

Arriving slightly late and a little flustered after morning meetings, I hadn’t quite had the chance to fully digest the agenda.

What I found was a great line up of speakers with carefully chosen talks to cover a spread of topics. I would suspect that there was something for everyone who has an interest in digital, marketing or business.

Missed the event? Alan Barr, Digital Director of The Big Partnership kindly made available his highlights over on their blog (thanks for the mention Alan!).

I was pleased to be asked to join the afternoon session to listen to the experiences of others and to share my own. Thanks for being so open. Here are my soundbites:

I was thankful to be able to catch some fantastic afternoon talks as well. Tom Ollerton from We Are Social with his pitch for social thinking, not social media and Tiffany St James both showing why they are industry figures.

See you all next year.