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Nestle & Google Android KitKat announcement

Hot off the press this morning was the news that Nestle and Google have forged a partnership, branding the new version of Android KitKat. You can read more on the background of the announcement on the BBC News website.

Currently knee deep in website migrations myself, I began to ask myself if their overhaul of the consumer website had been well thought through, or just a bit of an after thought. Huge coverage for both brands in online and offline media was the main goal, but what about the overall site experience for people arriving at the KitKat website from search? Unfortunately at this early stage it is an experience riddled with broken links.

Having a look at the results highlights plenty of links serving 404s, alongside links to different locale versions that have no practical use on the newly relaunched website. In addition, the legacy WAP site is redirecting for a homepage query, but any lower level pages result in 404s.

With this said, it is a fantastic design and build, with some crazy creativity to make this happen on the part of both Google and Nestle. The results have seen some crazy coverage online, with plenty of links for both parties (not that they need them!).

If anyone has any of the Android KitKat chocolates, feel free to pop them over to the office - I’m here all week =)