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Shortlisted for the digitals 2013

Some good news! Although a little late in highlighting, the digital team at VisitScotland were shortlisted for an E-Consultancy #TheDigitals Travel and Tourism award, back in May 2013.

Our campaign was focused around Shetland ponies in cardigans, one which saw solid work from our PR team and some great content production to make it a success. Results were quality search positions for related terms, TV features in the US and on-going engagement on social media. We are still seeing a continued flow of traffic to our blog post on the ponies. The post continues to be the most successful single page we have ever put live on our .com.

The ponies were fresh, creative and an excellent example of cross-team collaboration.

The US TV spot on CNN is included below.

Unfortunately we didn’t win on the night, but a good result none the less for the organisation!

Check out the original Shetland ponies blog post over @ the VisitScotland blog.