Calum Shepherd

Uber should borrow your new driverless car

It’s reported Uber have plans to reduce their dependency on human drivers and their vehicles through introducing driverless cars. Uber is currently the modern day equivalent of your old school taxi company - just without many of the limitations and drawbacks that these have. However, if it does continue

Assumed facts and educated decisions

I love the definition of data provided by Google - data, in philosophy is “things known or assumed as facts, making the basis of reasoning or calculation”. There is something beautiful about this definition. It creates a relationship between things assumed as facts and their usage as a source for

Session @ Marketing Society Digital Day 2015

Thursday saw the annual occurrence of Marketing Society Scotland’s Digital Day take place at Glasgow Drygate. Arriving slightly late and a little flustered after morning meetings, I hadn’t quite had the chance to fully digest the agenda. What I found was a great line up of speakers with

We are moving the cheese

I was delighted to speak about our learnings so far building something from nothing through empowerment, agile and responsive methods, whilst on our journey towards better public services. With information spread across 160+ organisations, 480+ websites and over 6 million content items - the scale is staggering. With 6 million

Search centric, informational experiences for public services

People have been looking to search engines to answers their questions for the best part of ten years now. Searching is now baked into our DNA. Got a question? Google it. We also know that the majority of people who visit public sector websites come from search engines. Think of

Five highlights from chatting about culture and collaboration at ResponsiveOrg London

In the not so distant past I put together some thoughts on ResponsiveOrg, it’s purpose and the manifesto that underpins the movement. The idea is that something isn’t quite right about the operating system of our organisations. There is a real opportunity to move towards clearer purpose and

Seeking health information on Google

Unless your settings are a little off and you are currently making use of, then this change will have passed you by. When you do a Google search on for health related queries, you will likely be presented a unique knowledge graph result right there on
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