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The definition of SEO in 2013

Digital moves quickly. This time of year frequently sees a wealth of blog and industry news focused on one aspect of this, SEO. Camps tend to joust for attention and kudos, producing link bait focused articles which aim to foretell the future. Posts are either plain misguided, or quite notable pieces that are worthy of the coverage they receive. Unfortunately on many occasions its the first of the two that is true, with said articles being poorly promoted with overly optimised headings and content.

Some commentary on the subject and pieces in question;

The industry has changed, the definition has changed and the people have changed - its a form of natural evolution. No matter whether your strengths are routed in technical understanding or marketing prowess, you can still excel as both are still vastly important.

“If SEO is dead, then so is TV. Definitions change and much like TV isn’t just about Mad Men era adverts anymore (just look at product placement), SEO isn’t just about its traditional roots. The only difference is adverts didn’t die, meta keywords did”

What doesn’t die is an evolving strategy, it adapts and innovations - that’s pretty much what SEO should be defined as. A modern digital strategy which encompasses many digital marketing elements. It is an exciting time.