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What does Google know about me?

Google rolled out Search, plus Your World to quite a bit of fanfare, mixed opinion and wide ranging commentary a few months ago now. I was very much of the opinion that it was more Your World, plus Search, as opposed to Search, plus Your World. This opinions was formed off the back of having a heavy weighting on Google+ content, social recommendations from friends who you hardly know and more.

We’ve discussed how Google can associate you with people if you have a Google Account that has Gmail bundled in, with people you regular email, with Google+ accounts, appearing within your results recommending various pieces of content you may be interested in.

However, after digging around my profile today I actually discovered how deep this social graph extends. Check out your Dashboard, Available under Accounts > Products > Sign into Dashboard. Upon doing so, scroll down till you see the social connections and content area. Click on “View Social Connections”.

Although this isn’t new since Search, plus Your World launched, it does give you an idea how deep the social graph extends. People really are the centre of personalised results.

This should give a good indication as to why our media architecture is so focused on social, social links and social platforms when creating strategies in conjunction with the search teams. Public knowledge for some, some “nice to know” for others. Thoughts?