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We are moving the cheese

I was delighted to speak about our learnings so far building something from nothing through empowerment, agile and responsive methods, whilst on our journey towards better public services.

With information spread across 160+ organisations, 480+ websites and over 6 million content items - the scale is staggering.

With 6 million content items, we actually have more content items than people

Think about putting yourself in the shoes of a user. What does this landscape looks like to traverse? It will likely start at Google and get muddy from there on.

Our work towards a central point of access is shaped upon user research and performance analysis, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

So, what are our learnings so far?

I was keen to make the point that we truely are on the brink of something special in the public sector. We have the opportunity to transform our enviroments and the way deliver services.

In regards to the books I mentioned:

The slides are available on Speakerdeck - ‘We are moving the cheese’.