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Yelp Edinburgh’s Winterfall Wonderland @ Ghillie Dhu

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Yelp! Edinburgh event in an official capacity as part of my role at VisitScotland. The aim was to learn about the community, what the events are all about and how we can potentially work with each other moving forward.

The event was titled Winterfall Wonderland and was hosted at Ghillie Dhu Edinburgh. The evening was truly fantastic, with some excellent businesses and Yelpers turning up. The way these events showcase some of the fantastic produce on offer, whilst getting people excited about visiting local business is truly commendable.

Attendees seemed engaged throughout, whilst the ever apparent social updates were in full flow. An excellent example of how physical events are so lovingly communicated and promoted online whilst the event is in full swing.

You can read all about it via my write up on the @VisitScotland blog.

Yelp Edinburgh’s Winterfall Wonderland @ Ghillie Dhu