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Turing Festival 2013 highlights

I was lucky enough to attend the Turing Festival in Edinburgh on the 24th and 25th August 2013. Turing took place over a 2 day period towards the tail of the Edinburgh Festival, meaning the city was still in top form. The talks were diverse and interesting, with many speakers using technology as a foundation, as opposed to being the subject itself. This made the festival feel more dynamic, interesting and engaging than your run of the mill event.

##Talks attended

##Future of money highlights;

Social reviews don’t make that much sense, says Mike Hearn of Google. Lots of spam and strangers #turingfest — Andrew Girdwood (@AndrewGirdwood) - August 23, 2013

The future of money by Visa Europe. Trust. Completely agree. Money doesn’t do public betas #turingfest @NJones — Calum Shepherd (@calumshepherd) - August 23, 2013

Visa Europe forecast 50% of their transactions by 2020 will be mobile #turingfest — Calum Shepherd (@calumshepherd) - August 23, 2013

##Digital distribution highlights;

Team Fortress Community Update biggest grossing hour for them after launch. Awesome #turingfest — Calum Shepherd (@calumshepherd) - August 23, 2013

##Digital marketing and growth hacking

Brian Doll from GitHub was first up, reinforcing the need for great marketing to follow a simple philosophy:

“Build Something, Tell People”

This was an interesting concept that caused split opinion in regards to how easy this is to implement in a large scale organisation. None the less, an ideal that everyone should aspire to. Plus, he had a great animated GIF used across both his presentations!

“Living infographics”. Steven Drost from Stipso explains how text can become more than a sum of its parts #turingfest — Calum Shepherd (@calumshepherd) - August 24, 2013

Focus on tribes. Focus on communities that already exist’s Brian Doll from @github - Calum Shepherd (@calumshepherd) - August 24, 2013

If you would like to find out more, check out the Turing Festival website.